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Heart Health


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  1. Harker Herbals Heart Health

    Malcolm HarkerHeart Health

    Starting at: USD 15.00

    Harker Herbals Heart Health (formerly Heartnurse 929) is a herbal blend designed to support heart health and circulation.

  2. Seeking Health HomocysteX Plus

    Seeking HealthHomocysteX Plus

    Starting at: USD 28.00

    Seeking Health HomocysteX Plus provides bioactive forms of four essential B-vitamins with betaine (also known as trimethylglycine or TMG) to support methylation processes and normal homocysteine metabolism.

    • Exceptional formula for those with defective MTHFR genes. Taking 5-MTHF alone is not enough.

    **This product is not available for sale in New Zealand. Please contact us if you have any questions.**

  3. Seeking Health D-Ribose Powder 300 Grams

    Seeking HealthD-Ribose Powder

    Starting at: USD 60.00

    Seeking Health D-Ribose provides 5 grams of ribose sugar per serving.

    • D-Ribose is a natural sugar found in all living cells
    • Antioxidant support
    • Supports heart muscle health


  4. Seeking Health HomocysteX

    Seeking HealthHomocysteX

    Starting at: USD 24.00

    Seeking Health HomocysteX contains active forms of four of the B-vitamins to support methylation and healthy homocyteine metabolism.

    • Unlike HomocysteX Plus, this formula is free of TMG (trimethylglycine).
    • Vegetarian capsules and free of milk, wheat/gluten and soy

    **This product is not available for sale in New Zealand. Please contact us if you have any questions.**

  5. Good Health Red Super Krill 1000mg

    Good HealthRed Super Krill Oil 1000mg

    Starting at: USD 16.78

    Good Health Red Super Krill 1000mg supports joint and heart health.

    • Naturally contains the super antioxidant Astaxanthin
    • 40% phospholipids
    • Superior absoprtion of omega-3
    • Certified sustainable by MSC


  6. Seeking Health Magnesium Glycinate Powder

    Seeking HealthMagnesium Glycinate Powder

    Starting at: USD 35.00

    Seeking Health Magnesium Glycinate Powder provides 200mg of magnesium per 2.5g scoop.

    • Made in a GMP registered facility
    • Provides Magnesium bislgycinate chelate
    • Fast dissolving, easy to take powder form


  7. Nature's Sunshine Red Yeast Rice

    Natures SunshineRed Yeast Rice

    Starting at: USD 25.56

    Nature's Sunshine Red Yeast Rice provides 600mg per capsule.

    • Supports Circulatory Health
    • Supports Cardiovascular Health


  8. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega +CoQ10

    Nordic NaturalsUltimate Omega+CoQ10

    Starting at: USD 38.96

    Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega + CoQ10 has been designed to support heart health. 

    • 1280mg omega-3's per serving
    • 100mg coenzyme Q10 per serving
    • Superior triglyceride form


  9. Thompsons Ultra Co Q10 150Mg

    ThompsonsUltra CoQ10 150mg

    Starting at: USD 9.10

    CoQ10 supports the heart and cardiovascular system, particularly blood pressure, and it is a powerful antioxidant.  
    Co-Enzyme Q10 is often referred to as nature's spark plug as it is an essential component within the energy producing part of our cells - the mitochondria. 
    Thompson's Ultra CoQ10 150mg supports cardiovascular health.  
    • In an oil base for enhanced absorption of CoQ10
    • One-A-Day product
  10. Thompsons Ultra CoQ10 300mg

    ThompsonsUltra CoQ10 300mg

    Starting at: USD 14.23

    Thompson's CoQ10 300mg supports the heart and cardiovascular system.

    • High potency One-A-Day antioxidant
    • In an oil-based suspension for enhanced absorption


  11. Seeking Health Taurine 500 mg

    Seeking HealthTaurine 500 mg

    Starting at: USD 11.00

    Seeking Health Taurine contains 500mg of pure taurine per capsule.

    • Supports cardiovascular health
    • Vegetarian friendly


  12. Nature's Sunshine HS II 100 caps

    Natures SunshineHS II

    USD 18.90

    USD 15.12

    (You Save: 20%)

    Nature's Sunshine HS II is a herbal blend to support healthy heart muscle and circulatory function.

  13. Deva DHA-EPA

    Deva NutritionNon-Fish DHA-EPA

    Starting at: USD 27.99

    Deva Vegan Omega-3 DHA-EPA products are high quality omega-3 products derived from algae and packaged in vegetarian capsules. They are available in both liquid and capsule form.

    The algal oil used in this product is grown in a pure, contaminant free environment away from the ocean. This makes it an excellent alternative to fish oil and can also be confidently used by vegetarians and vegans alike.

    Read about the difference between Fish, Plant and microalgae DHA HERE

  14. Boluoke

    Canada RNA Boluoke

    Starting at: USD 92.86

    Boluoke® is the only fully researched oral enzyme on the market supporting a healthier blood state, and shows great promise in supporting a healthy coagulation/fibrinolysis balance in the body.

  15. Radiance Turmeric 60 tabs


    USD 36.46

    USD 25.50

    (You Save: 30%)

    Clinical research has shown that 1,000 mg of Meriva® per day (2 tablets of Radiance® Turmeric) helps maintain healthy levels of inflammatory mediators, promoting joint comfort and mobility.

    Logo_Vegetarian.gif  100% vegetarian

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