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Respiratory Health

Quality Supplements & Herbal Preparations to Support Free Flowing Airways and Congestion.  Adult and Childrens Products.

FREE Deep Lung Support 100ml with Purchase of Any Harker Herbals Children's Product!

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  1. Harker Herbals Lung Elixir Chest Clear

    Harker HerbalsLung Elixir Chest Clear

    Harker Herbals Lung Elixir Chest Clear (642) is a traditional blend of herbs to support clear airways in the chest and to soothe bronchial passages. Supports healthy lungs and breathing.

  2. Harker Herbals Emphysemol Deep Lung Support

    Harker HerbalsEmphysemol Deep Lung Support

    Harker Herbals Emphysemol Deep Lung Support (985) is for the support of deep lung function. This blend of antiseptic herbs help to soothe deep bronchial health and with the removal of mucus.

    An excellent elixir for smokers.

  3. Harker Herbals Expectorant Support

    Harker HerbalsExpectorant Support

    Harker Herbals Expectorant Support (formerly Linctus Expectus 2000) supports the removal of mucus from the lungs, may soothe the throat and provides general respiratory support.

  4. Solgar Wild Oregano oil

    SolgarWild Oregano oil

    Solgar Wild Oregano Oil is one of Solgar's premium quality food supplements.

    • Provides 17.5mg Wild Oregano Oil per capsule
    • Contains No Sugar, Salt or Starch


  5. Seeking Health N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 500 mg

    Seeking HealthN-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 500 mg

    Seeking Health N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) provides 500mg NAC per capsule.

    • Antioxidant, liver and respiratory support
    • Vegetarian friendly


  6. Thursday Plantation Eucalyptus Oil 100% Pure

    Thursday PlantationEucalyptus Oil 100% Pure

    Thursday Plantation Eucalyptus Oil is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade oil that can be used for many household and personal uses.

    • Guaranteed unaltered
    • Free of parabens, SLS, synthetics and fillers


  7. Jarrow Formulas N-A-C Sustain 600mg

    Jarrow FormulasN-A-C Sustain 600mg

    Jarrow Formulas N-A-C Sustain provides 600mg N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine in a special two part release tablet.

    • SUSTAIN bilayer release technology means 1/3 release quickly and 2/3 sustained release.

    • Supports healthy liver and lung function.
  8. Harker Herbals Children's Chest Soothe DAY

    Harker HerbalsChildren's Chest Soothe DAY


    Harker Herbals Children's Chest Soothe DAY 150ml:

    • Natural Sweet Lemon Flavour 
    • With Pelargonium, Marshmallow, Mullein and Ivy extracts 
    • For children 0-12 years



  9. Harker Herbals Children's Chest Soothe NIGHT

    Harker HerbalsChildren's Chest Soothe NIGHT

    Harker Herbals Children's Chest Soothe NIGHT 150ml:

    • Natural Sweet Cherry Flavour 
    • With Wild Cherry, Marshmallow and Licorice extracts 
    • For children 0-12 years
  10. Harker Herbals Children's Ear, Nose & Throat

    Harker HerbalsChildren's Ear, Nose & Throat

    Harker Herbals Ear, Nose & Throat 150ml:

    • Natural Soft Sweet Mint Flavour 
    • With Echinacea, Pelargonium, Elder and Ribwort Extracts 
    • Suitable For children 0-12 years

  11. Harker Herbals Children's Breathe Easy

    Harker HerbalsChildren's Breathe Easy


    Harker Herbals Breathe Easy 150ml:

    • Natural Soft Sweet Peppermint Flavour 
    • With Ivy, Baical Skullcap, Pelargonium, Licorice & Adhatoda
    • Extracts For children 1-12 years



  12. Good Health Viralex Attack

    Good HealthViralex Attack

    Good Health Viralex Attack provides natural, fast-acting immune defence.

    • Made with Epicor which begins to work in just 2 hours!
    • Also contains Olive Leaf and Zinc.
  13. ALJ by Nature's Sunshine

    Nature's SunshineALJ

    USD 20.64

    USD 15.48

    (You Save: 25%)

    Nature's Sunshine ALJ is a herbal blend designed to support healthy lung function and soothe the respiratory tract, especially through seasonal changes. May also support the body to neutralise allergens.

  14. Kiwiherb Herbal Chest Syrup 100ml

    KiwiherbHerbal Chest Syrup

    USD 15.16

    USD 13.03

    (You Save: 14%)

    Kiwiherb Herbal Chest Syrup is a Certified Organic liquid herbal blend designed to soothe bronchial and chest congestion and support a healthy respiratory system.

    Can be used for all types of coughs and great for the whole family!


  15. Manuka Honey Kids Syrup MGO250+ 100ml

    Manuka HealthManuka Honey Kids Syrup MGO250+

    USD 14.85

    USD 12.63

    (You Save: 15%)

    Manuka Health MGO™ Manuka Honey Kid's Syrup is 100% natural syrup formulated for kids over 12 months of age. It  is designed to support the body's immune system, especially during the winter months.

    **Please note we cannot send Manuka Honey to Western Australia**


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