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  1. Dr Ohhira's OM-X Probiotics Professional

    OMXDr Ohhira's OM-X Probiotics Professional

    Dr Ohhira's OM-X Probiotic (also known as OM-X 12)  formula is developed over 5 Years from award winning research and is a proprietary blend of natural, non-dairy ingredients containing live lactic acid bacteria (12 Strains), vitamins, minerals, organic acids and amino acids.

    Note: This is the Professional 5 Year formula - not to be confused with the Original 3 Year formula.

    Check out our OM-X website for more information on this product.

  2. Camellia ( OMX ) Dr Ohhira's Beta Glucan

    OMXDr Ohhira's Beta Glucan

    Out of stock

    Dr Ohhira's Beta Glucan provides 70mg Beta Glucan-1,3/1,6 per sachet. In addition each sachet also contains OM-X fermented vegetable extract with beneficial lactic acid bacteria.

    • Supports Immune Function
    • Supports Digestive Health
  3. Camellia ( OMX ) OMX Prebiotic Paste

    OMXOMX Prebiotic Paste

    Out of stock

    Dr Ohhira's OM-X Paste is the ultimate fermented prebiotic supplement to feed the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract.

    • Galacto- and Fructo-Oligosaccharide Prebiotics
    • 18 Amino Acids
    • 10 Vitamins
    • 8 Minerals
    • 4 Organic Acids
  4. Camellia ( OMX ) Dr Ohhira's Propolis Plus

    OMXDr Ohhira's Propolis Plus

    Out of stock

    Dr Ohhira's Propolis Plus is a blend of potent Brazilian Green Propolis, Astaxanthin and OM-X Probiotics with added Vitamin E to support immune health.

Browsing 4 item(s)

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