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Slippery Elm

 Pure Slippery Elm & Slippery Elm Blends to Help Soothe Mucous Membranes in the Stomach & Bowels. Also part of Detox and Colon Cleanse Kits.

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  1. Seeking Health Optimal GI Powder

    Seeking HealthOptimal GI Powder

    Seeking Health Optimal GI Powder is a unique blend of herbs and other nutrients to support overall digestive function and health.

    • High potency formula
    • Includes milk thistle for liver support
    **50% off while stocks last!
    Product expires end of April 2018**


  2. Lifestream Bowel Biotics Aloe Soothe

    LifestreamBowel Biotics Aloe Soothe

    Lifestream Bowel Biotics Aloe Soothe is a unique blend of prebiotics, slippery elm, aloe vera and probiotics to soothe and settle the digestive tract.

    • 100% natural, no artificial ingredients
    • Contains 5 strains of beneficial bacteria


  3. Thompsons Slippery Elm Chewable Tablets

    Thompson'sSlippery Elm Bark

    Thompson's Slippery Elm Bark provides high strength slippery elm to support digestive health.

    • Vegetarian friendly
    • Gluten, egg and soy free
  4. Jarrow Formulas Fiber Perfect

    Jarrow FormulasFiber Perfect

    Jarrow Formulas Fiber Perfect is made up of a combination of different types of dietary fibre, herbs, organic acids and algae to support intestinal regularity.

    • Supports healthy detoxification and bowel function.
    • Vegetarian and vegan friendly.
  5. Nature's Way Slippery Elm

    Nature's WaySlippery Elm

    Nature's Way Slippery Elm Bark:

    • Inner bark is harvested from wild trees with a careful stripping process that does not hinder the tree's growth.


  6. Nature's Sunshine Slippery Elm 100 caps

    Nature's SunshineSlippery Elm

    USD 22.16

    USD 16.62

    (You Save: 25%)

    Nature's Sunshine Slippery Elm supports healthy digestive function and elimination.


    • Soothes the digestive wall.
    • Supports maintenance of healthy elimination.
    • Helps to absorb toxins from the bowel.
    • Feeds the good bacteria in the colon, thus encouraging a healthy balance of flora.


  7. Good Health Body Cleanse Total Body Detox Kit

    Good HealthBody Cleanse Total Body Detox Kit

    USD 34.03

    USD 23.51

    (You Save: 31%)

    Good Health Body Cleanse has been designed as a total body detox which can be completed quickly as a 1 week detox, or for a more gentle cleanse it can be completed as a one month detox. This makes it suitable different lifestyles and levels of health.

    This 2 part detox kit contains - Multi Cleanse and Multi Fibre.

  8. Para Cleanse by Natures Sunshine

    Nature's SunshinePara-Cleanse Kit

    USD 34.51

    USD 25.89

    (You Save: 25%)

    Nature's Sunshine Para-Cleanse is a 10 day herbal program that is designed to cleanse the intestinal tract of harmful microrganisms, remove debris and support optimal intestinal health.


  9. the Ultimate Cleanse & Detox

    Health HouseThe Ultimate Cleanse Detox Kit

    USD 60.26

    The Ultimate Cleanse is a complete Herbal Spring Clean and Detox Kit. It is made from the purest herbs and is designed to clean out the toxins and buildup which accumulate from refined foods in our diet and toxins in our environment. Different to Cheap Magnesium Flushes on the Market.

    • 5 in 1 Herbal Cleanse Kit
    • Tens of Thousands Sold
    • Not a Cheap Magnesium Oxide Flush


    "Nature's "Draino" - it cleans you right out and makes you feel young again.... works a treat!" - Review by Sharon

Browsing 9 item(s)

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