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Systemic Enzymes

Systemic Enzymes

The primary function of systemic enzymes is to fight inflammation, fibrosis (scar tissue), and viruses; modulate the immune system; and cleanse the blood. More info About Systemic Enzymes.   The main categories are Proteolytic Enzymes ( Protein Digesting )  , Amalytic Enzymes ( Amylase for Carbs ) and Lipolytic Enzymes ( Lipids & Fats ) . Many of these blends contain all 3 types. 

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  1. Proteo-8 Advanced Proteolytic Enzyme Blend

    Proteo-8 Advanced Proteolytic Enzyme Blend

    Spark of Life Proteo-8 is an advanced systemic enzyme blend designed to target inflammation management and the breakdown of unwanted protein in the body.


    • Infused with fulvic acid
    • Plus MSM & Boswellia
    • Delayed release vegetable capsule


    Starting at: USD 29.99

  2. Serrapure


    Serrapure, premium high strength serrapeptase.

    • 240,000 SPU per serving (2 capsules).
    • Delayed Release Capsule to ensure Maximum Delivery in the Body.



    Starting at: USD 28.46

  3. LifeSpark NattoXL

    LifeSpark NattoXL

    LifeSpark NattoXL is a high potency nattokinase with 4,000 FU (fibrinolytic units) per capsule! NattoXL is one of most concentracted nattokinase products on the market and it comes in easy-to-swallow micro caps.


    • Targets fibrin degradation
    • Supports circulatory and heart health
    • Helps with blood cleansing
    • Supports normal blood viscosity
    • Supports healthy plasmin production

    Starting at: USD 13.47

  4. Serretia Serrapeptase

    Serretia Serrapeptase

    Serretia is made up of 99.99% pure Serrapeptase with 250, 000 SPU's per dose (2 capsules).

    Serrapeptase’s inherent ability to digest dead tissue enables the enzyme to work as a natural healer. While enteric coatings are really only important for animal-based enzymes, Serretia uses Acid Armour® technology to ensure maximum delivery with minimum breakdown in the stomach.

    Starting at: USD 22.99

  5. Naticor


    Naticor is designed to support and protect your entire body from the ravaging effects of fibrin. As well as to support healthy circulation throughout the body.

    **This product has been discontinued, a great alternative is Neprinol**

    Starting at: USD 30.62

    Out of stock

  6. Neprinol


    Neprinol is specially formulated to support your body's defences from the damaging effects of fibrin.

    Official Neprinol agent for Australia & NZ

    Starting at: USD 54.99

  7. Vitalzym


    Vitalzym, now in a liquid filled, enteric coated gel Cap replaces the existing Vitalzym with enhanced Bioavailability and smaller dosing.   One of the most popular serrapeptase blends on the market today.  Exclusive Agents for Vitalzym for Australia and NZ.  


    Starting at: USD 39.99

  8. VitalzymXe 180 Capsules

    VitalzymXe 180 Capsules

    Practitioner Only Product - Call for price

    VitalzymXe is the new and improved VitalzymX.  This new formula is stronger per capsules that the original VitalzymX so it now comes in a smaller size of 180 capsules and is designed to provide a high potency systemic enzyme in liquid capsule form that is protected with a plant-based enteric coating. 

    This product is only available through qualified healthcare practitioners.

    USD 9,999.00

  9. VitalzymCardio 300 Capsules

    VitalzymCardio 300 Capsules

    The fibrinolytic enzymes in VitalzymCardio have been shown to have the ability to digest excess fibrin (protein buildup) in the blood, allowing for improved blood viscosity.

    USD 164.95

    USD 129.00

    (You Save: 22%)

  10. Nattovita 120 caps

    Nattovita 120 caps

    Call for prices

    Nattovita is a highly fibrinolytic nutritional supplement with nattokinase, the enzyme found in the soybean cheese natto.


    USD 9,999.00

    USD 99.95

    (You Save: 99%)

  11. Active Systemic Enzymes 60 Caps

    Active Systemic Enzymes 60 Caps

    Active Systemic Enzymes is a blend of 7 key systemic enzymes for improving digestive health and supporting the cardiovascular system. Active Systemic Enzymes come in a convenient size to last one month.

    USD 27.95

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