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Healing Creams

Healing Creams

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  1. Life Stream Aloe Vera Mist Spray with Vit E

    LifestreamAloe Vera Mist Spray with Vit E

    Lifestream Aloe Vera Mist is a spray made from 95% pure biogenic aloe vera, herbal extracts and vitamin E to soothe and refresh the skin.

  2. Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Gel Tube

    LifestreamBiogenic Aloe Vera Gel Tube

    Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Gel Tube is a nourishing and soothing gel in a easy to use tube.

    • Free of parabens


  3. Oasis Beauty Rhino Repair

    Oasis BeautyRhino Repair

    Oasis Beauty Rhino Repair is rich in natural and organic ingredients to soothe tender skin and assist the healing process.

    • Not tested on animals
    • Highest quality control standards
    • No nasty chemicals

    Gold supporter of the NZ Eczema Association!


  4. Oasis Beauty Travel Duo

    Oasis BeautyTravel Duo

    Out of stock

    Oasis Beauty Travel Duo Pack - Rhino Repair & Sunscreen 

    • Contains 2 of the best-selling travel products - a sunscreen and a repair cream
    • Presented in a gold foiled box set
    • Oasis Sun SPF30 50ml & Oasis Rhino Repair 50ml
    • Rhino Repair is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of Eczema Association New Zealand
  5. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure

    Thursday PlantationTea Tree Oil 100% Pure

    Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is made from 100% pure Australian tea tree oil without any fillers or synthetic ingredients.

    • Guaranteed unadultered
    • Lower risk of skin irritation than other tea tree oils


  6. Thursday Plantation Eucalyptus Oil 100% Pure

    Thursday PlantationEucalyptus Oil 100% Pure

    Thursday Plantation Eucalyptus Oil is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade oil that can be used for many household and personal uses.

    • Guaranteed unaltered
    • Free of parabens, SLS, synthetics and fillers


  7. Good Health Magnesium Cream

    Good HealthMagnesium Cream

    Good Health Magnesium Cream contains genuine Zechstein™ magnesium chloride, the finest and purest natural magnesium chloride in the world.

    • Faster absorption
    • Skin-friendly
    • No parabens
  8. Good Health Magnesium Sleep Cream

    Good HealthMagnesium Sleep Cream

    Good Health Magnesium Sleep Cream is made with genuine Zechstein magnesium and a blend of calming natural essential oils to support quality sleep.

    • Non-greasy and paraben-free.
    • Absorbs rapidly.
    • Gentle natural scent.
  9. Harker Herbals Healing Salve 30g

    Harker HerbalsHealing Salve

    USD 8.52

    USD 7.67

    (You Save: 10%)

    Harker Herbals Healing Salve (900) is the perfect little Kiwi solution and must-have salve for everyday use and for when you’re camping out in the great outdoors.

  10. Kiwiherb Manuka Oil 10ml

    KiwiherbManuka Oil

    USD 18.20

    USD 15.65

    (You Save: 14%)

    Kiwiherb Manuka Oil contains 100% pure premium New Zealand Manuka essential oil which is a powerful natural first aid agent.


  11. Kiwiherb Comfrey Ointment 30g

    KiwiherbComfrey Ointment

    USD 10.90

    USD 9.37

    (You Save: 14%)

    Kiwiherb Comfrey Ointment contains high quality New Zealand grown Comfrey proven to be effective for bumps and strains, joint stiffness and sports injuries.

  12. Harker Herbals Chronic Itch Relief 125ml

    Harker HerbalsChronic Itch Relief

    USD 11.56

    USD 10.41

    (You Save: 10%)

    Harker Herbals 988 Chronic Itch Relief is a soothing, cooling moisturising lotion to help relieve dry, irritated, itchy skin conditions.

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