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Health Food

Health Food

Healthy foods and beverages.

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  1. GBX Green Barley

    Spark of LifeGBX Organic Green Barley Grass

    ** Not your Average Barley Grass

    • Approx 50mcg of Natural Folate per teaspoon!
    • Unique Drying Process: Dried at very Low Temperature to preserve enzymes & nutrients*
    • Micro Particle size powder for easy disolving (reduces "lumping") 
    • Rich in Chlorophyll**
    • Feel the difference!



    * A complete organically grown living food with nature's blend and balance of nutrients. Known as the ideal convenience food, GBX Green Barley contains a natural and comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

    **GBX Green Barley is rich in chlorophyll which has many known benefits, including the elimination of strong odours. Read the Research

  2. Deva Chia Seed Oil 500 mg 90 caps

    Deva NutritionChia Seed Oil 500mg

    USD 14.99

    Cold-Pressed, Unrefined Chia Seed oil, comes in vegan capsules that are made from plant cellulose instead of the commonly used gelatin.

  3. Red Seal Alpine Tea 25 bags

    Red SealAlpine Tea

    USD 2.98

    Red Seal Alpine Tea contains a blend of herbs that have a wonderfully restorative effect on the body by promoting bowel regularity and aiding fluid retention.
  4. Red Seal Black Adder Liquorice Tea 25 bags

    Red SealBlack Adder Liquorice Tea

    USD 3.02

    Liquorice tea is naturally sweet and low in calories. It aids digestion and relieves nervous tension and may also help in balancing blood sugar fluctuations.

  5. Harker Herbals Celtic & NZ Sea Salt with Kelp

    Harker HerbalsCeltic & NZ Sea Salt with Kelp

    Harker Herbals 1022 Celtic & NZ Sea Salt with kelp contains 84 known mineral and trace elements and is highly prized. It is also naturally iodised.

  6. Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll 475ml

    Nature's SunshineLiquid Chlorophyll

    USD 24.10

    USD 18.07

    (You Save: 25%)

    Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll is a minty tonic that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Chlorophyll supports immunity and healthy digestive function. It is also known to deodorize the body.

    Provides 15 mg of pure, water soluble chlorophyllins per teaspoon!

  7. Thompsons Kelp 1400

    Thompson'sKelp 1400

    Thompson’s 1-A-Day Kelp 1400 is a high potency source of iodine and this important mineral is necessary for thyroid hormone production. The thyroid has a vital part to play in healthy metabolism in the body.

  8. Good Health Chia Seeds

    Good HealthChia Seeds

    Good Health Whole Chia Seeds:

    • Provide 20% protein per serve
    • A good source of fibre - 39%
    • A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids
    • Contain the full range of B vitamins
    • Are easily digestible
    • Suitable for vegetarians & gluten-free diets

  9. Nuzest Good Green Stuff

    NuzestGood Green Stuff

    Good Green Stuff is a super-blend of nutrient-rich greens, fruits, vegetables and berries that packages all your daily nutritional needs into one great-tasting product. What’s more, it’s loaded with probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – all the stuff that your body craves but doesn’t always get.

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Added Vitamins & Minerals
    • L-5-Methylfolate - Not folic Acid!
    • Many Active forms of Vitamins 



  10. Nuzest Good Green Stuff Bar

    NuzestGood Green Stuff Bar

    Good Green Stuff Bar is the only New Zealand made bar which is good for everyone!

    • Perfect healthy snack for school lunch boxes or to have in your handbag
    • Dairy, Soy and GMO Free
    • Vegan friendly


  11. Nirvana Stevia Extract Powder

    Stevia Extract Powder

    Nirvana Stevia is made from 100% Pure Certified Organic Stevia Extract.

    • Great tasting & highest quality
    • Zero calories and zero carbs
    • GMO free


  12. Lifestream Chlorella (200mg) Tablets

    LifestreamChlorella (200mg) Tablets

    Lifestream Chlorella provides 200mg of chlorella per tablet. It may help provide protection against toxins, pollutants and free radicals.

    • Grown outdoors in mineral rich water in sub-tropical coral reef islands.
    • Rich in chlorophyll and chlorella growth factor (CGF)
    • Unique processing increases digestibility - up to 80%
    • Convenient tablet form
    • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  13. Lifestream Organic Barley Grass

    LifestreamOrganic Barley Grass

    Lifestream Barley Grass is a an Alkalising food, great for those on restricted diets.   

    • 100% pure whole leaf powder
    • Contains chlorophyll levels of 20mg per 2 grams
    • Vegetarian Capsule
    • Certified Organic
    • Gluten Free
    • Contains no animal or dairy products, or synthetic additives
  14. Lifestream Natural B-Complex

    LifestreamNatural B-Complex

    Lifestream Natural B-Complex has a nutty flavour and provides the full spectrum of B vitamins sourced from organically grown quinoa sprouts.

    • Wholefood supplement, great for the whole family
    • Free from synthetic ingredients
    • Contains no soy, wheat, dairy or gluten
    • Vegan friendly
    • Available as capsules and powder
    **45% off the 60g Powder while stocks last! Product expires end of December 2018**
  15. Nuzest Just Fruit & Veg Wild Berry

    NuzestJust Fruit & Veg Wild Berry

    Nuzest Just Fruit & Veg Wild Berry is the perfect way to make sure you are getting your 5 fruit and 5 vegetables with up to 14g of plant-based protein per serving!

    • Each serving contains 5 fruits and 5 vegetables. 
    • Real Food - no sugar or anything artificial added. 
    • Great tasting natural berry flavour.
    • Comes in a 250g pouch and convenient single-serve sachets.

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