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Liquid Minerals

Liquid Minerals

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  1. Clinicians Zinc Oral Drops 30mls

    CliniciansZinc Oral Drops

    USD 15.16

    USD 10.46

    (You Save: 31%)

    Zinc Oral Drops provide an easily absorbable liquid form of this important trace mineral to support the immune system and for general health. 


  2. Concentrated Mineral Drops 240ml

    BiotraceConcentrated Mineral Drops

    USD 33.17

    USD 27.20

    (You Save: 18%)

    Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) 240ml is a dietary supplement that helps balance body minerals by providing a range of trace minerals.


  3. Clinicians Selenium Oral Drops 30ml

    CliniciansSelenium Oral Drops

    USD 15.16

    USD 10.46

    (You Save: 31%)

    Selenium Oral Drops provide mineral and antioxidant support in an easily absorbable liquid form.


  4. The Silver Solution Colloidal Silver

    Colloidal Health SolutionsColloidal Silver

    The Silver Solution Colloidal Silver is a high quality liquid silver solution to support a healthy immune system.

    The Silver Solution helps the body deal with winter ills and chills and supports the body's natural immune defenses.


    • 3 x Double Distilled Water
    • Laboratory Tested & Proven
    • Advanced HV Electro Process
    • Technologically Superior
    • Pure Silver 99.99%
    • Suitable for the whole family
    • No known side effects or drug interactions*
      (*when taken at recommended dosages)
  5. The Copper Solution Colloidal Copper

    Colloidal Health SolutionsColloidal Copper

    The Copper Solution is a high quality liquid Colloidal Copper which supports the synthesis of bone, haemoglobin and red blood cells.

    Copper is involved in the:

    • The healing process
    • Energy production
    • Hair and skin colouring
    • Taste sensitivity
  6. The Gold Solution, Colloidal Gold

    Colloidal Health SolutionsColloidal Gold

    The Gold Solution Colloidal Gold is a high quality solution designed for those who want healthier joints. Colloidal gold specifically supports a healthy immune system response in the joints and joint fluids.

    Don't let stiff joints keep you down

    Leading research universities are finding that elemental gold is possibly the greatest discovery for supporting healthy joint mobility.


    • Laboratory Tested & Proven
    • Electro-Colloidal Process
    • Technologically Advanced
    • Pure Gold 99.99%
    • Nil Calories/Kilojoules
    • Non-Toxic / Non-Addictive
  7. Harker Herbals Iron Tonic

    Harker HerbalsIron Tonic

    Harker Herbals Iron Tonic (Iron Nurse #741) is a delicious mineral-rich, daily blood health elixir which helps to bring iron and silica stores back to normal.


  8. Floradix Magnesium 250ml


    USD 16.80

    Floradix Magnesium mineral drink is a liquid magnesium blended with herbal extracts in a tasty base of fruit juice and honey.

    Floradix Magnesium is designed to support heart health as well as to assist cramps, stress and general wellbeing.


    •  Liquid form for optimum absorption
    • Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
    • Contains no chemical preservatives, artificial colors, alcohol, lactose or gluten.

Browsing 8 item(s)

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