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Manuka Honey Wound Dressing

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Manuka Health Manuka Honey Wound Dressing

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5cm x 7cm (3 Pack)

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10cm x 10cm (3 Pack)

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Manuka Health's Manuka Honey Wound Dressing is a protective, cooling, soothing dressing which helps to reduce pain and odour. It can be applied to abrasions, scrapes, scalds, burns and minor cuts or wounds.

With the healing properties of active MGO 400+ Manuka honey.

**Please note we cannot send Manuka Honey to Western Australia**

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Product Description

Manuka Health Wound Dressing Hydrogel is made of Medical Grade New Zealand Manuka Honey and covered with a permeable, breathable (oxygen and moisture) stretch cloth.

Dressings can be used for abrasions, scrapes, minor cuts, scalds, burns and surface wounds.

This 3 pack of wound dressings come in 5cm x 7cm and 10cm x 10cm sizes. Both can be cut to suit.

These dressings are designed to:

• Protect (Manuka Honey)
• Reduce pain and odour
• Not adhere to wounds
• Cool and soothe
• Help prevent scab
• Be highly absorbent

Contraindicated for anyone with an allergy or sensitivity to honey or bee products.

Detailed Product Information


Manuka Health


Each Wound Dressing Contains:
Polyacrylamide, Water, MGO 400+ Manuka Honey (containing a minimum of 20% NZ Medical Grade MGO Manuka Honey with not less than 400 mg/kg of methylglyoxal), Glycerine.

Usage Instructions

1) Prepare the wound site by cleansing as required.
2) Remove Sterile dressing from the package.
3) If cutting is necessary, leave the clear plastic cover sheet in place.
4) To apply the dressing, remove the clear plastic cover sheet from the gel. DO NOT remove the white stretch backing material.
5) Cover the wound by placing the gel side of the dressing directly on the wound.
6) Dressing must be secured well. The dressing may be secured by stretch bandages, elastic wrap or tape.
7) CHECKING THE WOUND: This can easily be done by gently lifting one corner of the dressing then pulling the whole dressing back until the wound is visible. As the manuka honey wound dressing becomes saturated, it will look somewhat slippery and rubbery around the edges. This is a sign that the dressing needs to be changed.
8) Remove before showers, baths or swimming.

Caution: Contraindicated for anyone with an allergy or sensitivity to honey or bee products. Consult your healthcare practitioner if signs of infection occur: redness, swelling, fever etc.


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