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  1. Concentrated Mineral Drops 240ml

    MRIConcentrated Mineral Drops

    USD 33.17

    USD 29.86

    (You Save: 10%)

    Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) 240ml is a dietary supplement that helps balance body minerals by providing a range of trace minerals.


  2. Clinicians Selenium Oral Drops 30ml

    CliniciansSelenium Oral Drops

    USD 15.16

    USD 10.46

    (You Save: 31%)

    Selenium Oral Drops provide mineral and antioxidant support in an easily absorbable liquid form.


  3. Deva Chelated Iron 29 mg 90 tabs

    Deva NutritionChelated Iron 29mg

    USD 6.99

    Deva Vegan Iron + Vitamin B12 which is an important factor in proper RBC formation. DEVA™ Vegan Chelated Iron is 100% vegan.

    **This product is not available for sale in New Zealand. Please contact us if you have any questions.**

  4. Deva Cal-Mag Plus 90 tabs

    Deva NutritionCal-Mag Plus

    USD 7.99

    DEVA's chelated calcium is far superior to regular (unchelated) calcium formulas that are available on the market. With Magnesium, Vitamin D, Zinc, Boron, Copper, and Vitamin C, we’ve specifically designed this product to support the body with the essential nutrients needed to maintain strong bones and healthy calcium levels.

  5. Thompsons Organic Selenium 150 60 tabs

    ThompsonsOrganic Selenium 150

    USD 14.25

    USD 11.11

    (You Save: 22%)

    Out of stock

    Thompson's Organic Selenium 150 is a potent antioxidant which helps protect cells and tissues of the body from oxidative damage.

    Each tablet contains 150mcg of selenium in the bioactive selenomethionine form.

  6. Thompsons Organic Magnesium

    ThompsonsOrganic Magnesium

    Thompson’s Organic Magnesium is a highly bioavailable form of Magnesium, in a base of the Magnesium-rich wholefood, Kelp. It also contains Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D as cofactors involved in the absorption and utilisation of Magnesium.

  7. Radiance Boron 60 caps


    USD 19.17

    USD 13.42

    (You Save: 30%)

    Out of stock

    Radiance Boron is an essential trace mineral for bone and menopausal health. It is known to be lacking in the soil in both Australia and New Zealand (esp. the south island).


  8. Nature's Sunshine GTF Chromium 90 tabs

    Natures SunshineGTF Chromium

    USD 14.28

    USD 11.42

    (You Save: 20%)

    Nature's Sunshine GTF Chromium is designed to help maintain blood sugar levels which are already in the normal range. It also supports energy by assisting glucose to get to the cells and may positively affect fats in the blood.

  9. Radiance Iron Complete 90 capsules

    RadianceIron Complete

    USD 21.25

    USD 14.88

    (You Save: 30%)

    Radiance Iron Complete provides enhanced utilisation with Ferrochel® iron bisglycinate. This extra gentle, non-constipating, non-irritating form of amino acid chelated, organic iron has been shown to have a four times greater absorption than other forms such as ferrous sulphate.

    The addition of vitamin C further enhances iron absorption while vitamin B12 and folic acid are essential components for the production of healthy red blood cells.

    Logo_Vegetarian.gif  100% vegetarian 

  10. The Gold Solution, Colloidal Gold

    Colloidal Health SolutionsColloidal Gold

    The Gold Solution Colloidal Gold is a high quality solution designed for those who want healthier joints. Colloidal gold specifically supports a healthy immune system response in the joints and joint fluids.

    Don't let stiff joints keep you down

    Leading research universities are finding that elemental gold is possibly the greatest discovery for supporting healthy joint mobility.


    • Laboratory Tested & Proven
    • Electro-Colloidal Process
    • Technologically Advanced
    • Pure Gold 99.99%
    • Nil Calories/Kilojoules
    • Non-Toxic / Non-Addictive
  11. The Silver Solution Colloidal Silver

    Colloidal Health SolutionsColloidal Silver

    The Silver Solution Colloidal Silver is a high quality liquid silver solution to support a healthy immune system.

    The Silver Solution helps the body deal with winter ills and chills and supports the body's natural immune defenses.


    • 3 x Double Distilled Water
    • Laboratory Tested & Proven
    • Advanced HV Electro Process
    • Technologically Superior
    • Pure Silver 99.99%
    • Suitable for the whole family
    • No known side effects or drug interactions*
      (*when taken at recommended dosages)
  12. Good Health Iron Chews 30 tabs

    Good HealthIron Chews

    USD 12.48

    USD 8.62

    (You Save: 31%)

    Good Health Iron Chews are a 1-A-Day tasty tropical flavoured chewable tablet to support the management of iron deficiency.

    Iron Chews contain a blend of nutrients designed to maintain healthy red blood cells and healthy energy levels.

  13. Good Health Opti Mag ( Oxide Free ) Magnesium Powder 150g

    Good HealthOpti Mag (Oxide Free) Magnesium Powder

    USD 18.20

    USD 12.58

    (You Save: 31%)

    Good Health Opti Mag Powder provides 350mg of magnesium amino acid chelate per serving with other vital nutrients to support the nervous system as well as muscle relaxation and recovery.

    Opti Mag Powder:

    • Soothes muscle tension & stress
    • Supports quality sleep
    • High dose of Magnesium
  14. Thompsons Organic Zinc

    ThompsonsOrganic Zinc

    Thompson's Organic Zinc provides 15mg of zinc from zinc gluconate per tablet. Zinc supports healthy skin and immune fuction and reproductive health.

  15. Harker Herbals Iron Tonic

    Malcolm HarkerIron Tonic

    Harker Herbals Iron Tonic (Iron Nurse #741) is a delicious mineral-rich, daily blood health elixir which helps to bring iron and silica stores back to normal.


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