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Iron Supplements

Chelated Iron, Iron Chews & Liquid Iron Tonics.

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  1. Floradix Tablets 84 tabs

    FloradixFloradix Tablets

    USD 16.80

    Floradix Tablets are made from vegetable extracts and herbs with the addition of organic iron gluconate. Like the Floradix liquid, the tablets are designed to help maintain health and vitality.

    They also contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C and folic acid.

  2. Floradix Floravital Tonic 250ml

    FloradixFloravital Tonic

    USD 16.80

    Floradix Floravital is a liquid iron tonic made with vegetable, fruit and herbal extracts with the addition of iron gluconate and vitamins. Designed to support healthy energy levels.



    • Specially formulated without yeast or gluten.
    • Fruit juice concentrates give it a pleasant taste.
    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


  3. Harker Herbals Iron Tonic

    Harker HerbalsIron Tonic

    Harker Herbals Iron Tonic (Iron Nurse #741) is a delicious mineral-rich, daily blood health elixir which helps to bring iron and silica stores back to normal.


  4. Solgar Gentle Iron

    SolgarGentle Iron

    Solgars Gentle Iron provides 20mg of Iron Bisglycinate per capsule.

    • Non-constipating Iron Bisglycinate
    • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
    • Contains no sugar or salt


  5. Thompsons Organic Iron 24mg

    Thompson'sOrganic Iron 24mg

    Thompson's Organic Iron 24mg has been designed as a blood tonic to support low iron levels.
    • High strength iron amino acid chelate
    • With added Vitamin B9, B12 and C
    • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  6. Good Health Iron Chews 30 tabs

    Good HealthIron Chews

    USD 12.48

    USD 8.62

    (You Save: 31%)

    Good Health Iron Chews are a 1-A-Day tasty tropical flavoured chewable tablet to support the management of iron deficiency.

    Iron Chews contain a blend of nutrients designed to maintain healthy red blood cells and healthy energy levels.

  7. Deva Chelated Iron 29 mg 90 tabs

    Deva NutritionChelated Iron 29mg

    USD 6.99

    Deva Vegan Iron + Vitamin B12 which is an important factor in proper RBC formation. DEVA™ Vegan Chelated Iron is 100% vegan.

    **This product is not available for sale in New Zealand. Please contact us if you have any questions.**

Browsing 7 item(s)

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