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Manuka Health Propolis extract has very high Bioflavanoid Levels independantly tested and certified to be at least 30mg/g.

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  1. Camellia ( OMX ) Dr Ohhira's Propolis Plus

    OMXDr Ohhira's Propolis Plus

    Out of stock

    Dr Ohhira's Propolis Plus is a blend of potent Brazilian Green Propolis, Astaxanthin and OM-X Probiotics with added Vitamin E to support immune health.

    *Clearance sale while stocks last! Product Expires Jan 2018*

  2. Kolorex Kolsore Ointment

    KolorexKolsore Ointment

    Kolorex Kolsore Ointment contains a unique triple action blend of active ingredients to support rapid recovery for through all the stages of lip outbreaks.

    • Kolorex Horopito
    • Lysine
    • Propolis Extract
  3. Propolis Liquid

    Manuka HealthBio30 Propolis Liquid

    USD 32.81

    USD 21.33

    (You Save: 35%)

    Out of stock

    Pure New Zealand Propolis Liquid 250mg/g (25%) in a water-soluble base.

  4. Propolis Throat Spray

    Manuka HealthPropolis & MGO400+ Throat Spray

    USD 19.48

    USD 12.66

    (You Save: 35%)

    This combination provides unique anti-bacterial properties to soothe throats, maintain oral health, boost the immune system, freshen breath, and keep winter ills and chills at bay.


  5. Bio30 Propolis Capsules

    Manuka HealthBio30 Propolis Capsules

    Manuka Health Bio30 Propolis Capsules - no less than 30mg / g of Bioflafanoids. well researched, this Propolis stimulates, strengthens and rejuvenates the body and provides powerful support to the immune system.

  6. Manuka Honey Syrup MGO400+ 100ml

    Manuka HealthManuka Honey Syrup MGO400+

    USD 20.70

    USD 17.59

    (You Save: 15%)

    Manuka Health MGO™ Manuka Honey Syrup is a soothing blend of herbs, Manuka Honey MGO 400 and propolis. It is made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients designed to support the body's immune system, particularly during the winter season. Though it may also be used all year round.

    **Please note we cannot send Manuka Honey to Western Australia**

  7. Manuka Honey Kids Syrup MGO250+ 100ml

    Manuka HealthManuka Honey Kids Syrup MGO250+

    USD 14.85

    USD 12.63

    (You Save: 15%)

    Out of stock

    Manuka Health MGO™ Manuka Honey Kid's Syrup is 100% natural syrup formulated for kids over 12 months of age. It  is designed to support the body's immune system, especially during the winter months.

    **Please note we cannot send Manuka Honey to Western Australia**


Browsing 7 item(s)

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