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Green Barley Benefits

Most of our foods are processed, heated or have been in storage, losing vitality and nutritional value. But what ALTERNATIVE is there? GREEN BARLEY is the answer, supplying a balance of essential nutrients and the life – force we require to be well.

126475975Green Barley, Nature’s ideal convenience food, is a concentrate that restores to the average diet minerals, vitamins, amino acids and many other food factors in their organic form. Of special interest are the many enzymes in Green Barley, which render this wonderful product “a living food”. Green Barley can be compared to eating freshly harvested organic green vegetables with the added advantages inherent in the green shoots of barley. Research over many years has shown them to contain the greatest number of essential elements, for human nutrition, of all forms of vegetation.

ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS are comprised of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. For our bodies to be able to repair, and build new cells, antibodies, hormones and enzymes these nutrients must be present in the body at all times.

Green Barley contains these essential nutrients in a form, which is highly acceptable to the body. These nutrients are accompanied by an abundance of enzymes – the LIFE FORCE of food. Without enzymes the treasury of vegetation placed at our disposal here on Earth would be but dead matter. We cannot be expected to build healthy living tissues with dead matter, and nor can we.

Dr Mary Swope, author of Green Leaves of Barley points out that endogenous (originating from within) enzymes are limited at birth, are exhaustible, last longer when conserved by consistent daily consumption of raw foods, and by consuming supplements.

Green Barley Powder contains the spectrum of enzyme activated vitamins in nature’s inimitable balance, and an excellent range of minerals and trace elements in organic form. These vitamins and minerals perform the role of micro – nutrients, which allow the maximum utilisation of macro – nutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat).

The brilliant green colour inherent in Green Barley is chlorophyll (the substance which allows plants to photosynthesize).

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