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Green Barley Research

Researched by Dr Z McDonell

Green Barley was given daily to all types of persons – women, children, pregnant women, men and for all kinds of sickness, including cancer, bowel problems, heart conditions, viruses, anaemia, run down states and many others. (The dose was one teaspoonful per day in a glass of cold water or good quality juice.) The tests were conducted to determine the effects of green barley on the blood itself in all kinds of health conditions. Also to compare the use of green barley against the usual treatment for blood restoration.


In all cases across the board, the GREEN BARLEY was superior and quicker at blood building than any other treatments usually employed.

The result of using the Green Barley on a daily basis, within six weeks, was in all cases, an abundant supply of good quality new red blood cells, capable of carrying life giving oxygen to the cells as it flowed around the body.

The number of people sampled over one year was 4,000, which is a good-sized sample.


Most people don’t know what condition their blood is in, simply because they do not have the opportunity to look at it. I have found that most people assume that their blood flows nicely around their bodies without any problems. However, this is far from the truth as most blood, looked at daily, does not flow or does not flow properly.

It is possible to look at your own blood if you have a Live Blood Microscopy (LBM) for viewing your blood. In this case you see a sample of your blood (a tiny prick of the finger) on a monitor. You can see whether it looks as it should, how it is behaving, whether your immune cells are working and so on.

Usually, if you have a blood test it is done by a pathologist and you don’t see it. Also, the most common method still used is HLB analysis.

The difference is, L.B.M. is a live blood that stays in good state for 40 minutes for you to study, and H.L.B. is dried blood on a slide that can be looked at anytime. Of course, when blood is dry, it is hard to read. You can’t for example see the plasma or what is in it. You can’t see the condition, age or performance possibilities of the red blood cells or even how many are new cells, neither can you see if your immunity cells are working or are in good condition.


1. There are two main types of blood cells – white blood cells (immune cells), of which there are several types, and red blood cells.


2. Your blood is your life force and every part of your body – organs, muscles, skin, nerves etc. depend upon the red blood cells to bring to them oxygen and nutrients for maintenance, repair or renewal. If your body parts do not get these two items, oxygen and nutrients, you get sick as your cells struggle and die.

3. The part your immune cells play is primarily to spin, and cleanse of bacteria, each and every red blood cell. When this is happening, each red blood cell is kept nice and round, single and able to function. Also, the immune system is a scavenger and has scavenger cells, which engorge any bacteria, parasites, or organisms that enter the body. Finally, the immune system constantly vacuums the plasma. The plasma is the jelly, which the cells move around in, and this has to be kept spotlessly clean.

4. For the proper functioning of these two types of cells, you must have the following:

  • An abundance of new red blood cells
  • All the cells must be single to enter the capillaries
  • All the cells need to be even in size
  • All the cells must be very round
  • Support for a constant turnover of red cells

The immune cells should be active, have a fair proportion of new cells, be alive and working and there must be enough to take care of all the red cells and any invaders to the host.

However, this is not what you see on L.B.M. Commonly this is seen:

  • The red blood cells are rouleauxed (that is, stacked in piles like a stack of plates) or in clumps of different sizes.
  • After being “run down” or having a cold, there are always clots (or thrombocytes) many of which are quite large. They oxidise as they age, they sit in the blood and impede the flow and can break up under exercise – and have the potential to cause heart attacks or strokes.
  • Lots of bacteria in the plasma cause the cells to stick together and contribute to the formation of clots.
  • The immune cells are unable to travel around the blood under these conditions, and so the cleaning is not carried out.
  • Now the plasma becomes fouled up with spicules from an overloaded liver and other wastes. With the immune cells tied up, the bacteria and parasites increase greatly and the cells are starved of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, making things worse. Conditions are now right for candida (a fungi) to grow.
  • Candida eats the red blood cells and the immune cells and continues to grow – now the cells are in trouble and unless they get some outside help – disease could develop in the body.

Are we not very lucky to have a product like organically grown GREEN BARLEY, which can turn these conditions in the blood around in a short space of time, no matter how bad the blood is or how sick the body has become?

1. Improved circulation, WHICH
2. Delivers oxygen to the cells, WHICH
3. Removes poisonous compounds, WHICH
4. Improves cell membrane transfer of nutrients and waste, WHICH
5. Allows for better mobilisation and implementation of all protective defense mechanisms, for offensive actions against disease and for reparative processes necessary for healing to take place.



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