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How to tell if your liver is poorly

A healthy liver helps control your weight. That should be a great motivator to ensure that your liver is not suffering and to give it some support if it is.

123140927When your liver is functioning as it should, it regulates fat and sugar metabolism effectively. However when the liver is constantly overloaded with excess sugars (from dietary sugar, fructose and carbohydrates) the liver resorts to storing it within its tissues. If this situation continues it leads to the development of a condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver, which is becoming more prevalent today and is even now being seen in children.

Symptoms of a Suffering Liver

111937306Liver dysfunction is used to describe a liver that is not working as it should. It has become less efficient, overloaded, slow and toxic. Liver dysfunction can be a precursor to liver disease. Liver disease describes a liver that has suffered significant or permanent damage which causes considerable harm to its vital functions.

Liver dysfunction can occur on a small or large scale. However, even minor dysfunction can have negative repercussions on your energy levels and immune system.

Below are some symptoms of liver dysfunction and a sign that your liver may need some support and/or cleansing. It is important to keep in mind however that if you are experiencing these symptoms it could also be due to other health problems for which you should seek professional advice.

1. On the surface:



They say the eyes are the window to the soul. They can also be a mirror of what is happening to your liver. Are they are itchy, puffy and red (similar to an allergic reaction)? Do you notice any discoloration (yellow tinge in the whites of the eyes) or darks circles underneath the eyes?


skinThis is where liver dysfunction literally comes to the surface. Our skin can tell the story of liver dysfunction through: itchiness, brown blemishes and spots (commonly referred to as “liver spots”), a grey-yellowish hue to the skin, rashes (such as psoriasis and rosacea), sweating more than usual with an offensive body odour, pimples of a reddish colour appearing around the lower face, blood vessels (more than usual) visible on the face, and your palms and soles could be red and itchy.



Bad breath, coated tongue.


2. Playing havoc with your hormones:

An unhealthy liver can play havoc with your hormones. This may be made evident via reactions to hormone therapy and/or the contraceptive pill as well as worsened menopausal and premenstrual symptoms. Hypothyroidism can also occur as a result of hormone imbalances.

3. Your immune system takes a hit:

105758075This could be evidenced in allergies and heightened reactions to food. Sensitivity to chemicals and chemical smells such as cigarette smoke and petrol fumes. Inflammation, reoccurring infections, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia (chronic and widespread pain) and other symptoms of poor immunity.



4. Blood sugar problems

122044024Type 2 diabetes is often a symptom of a fatty liver because a poorly functioning liver can no longer remove glucose from the bloodstream effectively. These two conditions actually go hand in hand, as they often occur simultaneously.

5. Hitting a nerve

The liver has sometimes been referred to as “the seat of anger” and the anger stored within it needs to be relieved and detoxified. An unhealthy liver signals its distress through the nervous system in forms of reoccurring headaches, impaired concentration, depression, a feeling of overheating and mood changes (anger &/or irritability).

6. Not getting through

152163809A fatty liver will wreak havoc on our digestive system. You experience sensitivity of the liver area, suffer indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, reflux, haemorrhoids, vomiting and gall stones or gall bladder disease. Intolerance to alcohol or fatty foods is also a common sign of a poorly liver.

7. Fat, fat everywhere


With metabolism reduced to a sluggish snail pace, you will likely notice weight gain, difficulty or the inability to lose weight, a pot belly and/or a roll of fat in the upper abdomen area. Cellulite, and lumps of fat in the skin can also be seen. On the inside it’s a similar picture: fat building up in and around other organs, arterial plaque build-up known as atherosclerosis (leads to stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure). This can also be reflected as abnormalities in the blood fats on your blood test results (high LDL cholesterol & triglycerides).
Many of these symptoms are commonly treated; however the root cause may go unnoticed. A functioning liver means that other systems in our body can also work optimally. As we can see from the extensive list of symptoms above, an inefficient, toxic and overloaded liver will wreak havoc throughout our body. Therefore it’s in our best interests to ensure our liver is well cared for and happy i.e. a happy liver is a happy YOU! Stay tuned to find out how… Click here to learn 18 secrets for keeping your liver happy and healthy.


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