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Miracle Weight Loss Products

Stop waiting, there will NEVER be one.

Miracle Weight Loss

There’s no such thing as a miracle weight loss pill or product. The sooner you realise this, the better. You didn’t gain all that weight overnight, did you? It just follows, physiologically speaking, that you can’t lose all of it overnight either (or in the short time that you think).

Truth is, you gained all of it gradually over time. It’s important that you lose it gradually too. Don’t believe anybody or anything that claims you can lose the excess weight immediately.

The effects of so-called miracle weight loss products NEVER last. For some time, maybe it’s possible for you to lose huge amounts of excess weight. The usual problem is, the effect NEVER lasts. They also claim that you can continue to eat junk food and still lose weight.

Do you realise the load of crap they’re trying to feed you? They’re basically giving you a license to ruin your health by eating non-nutritious foods. Losing excess weight and managing your weight demands a lifestyle check and change at the same time if you want to succeed. It takes commitment, not a one night stand with a miracle pill (unlike Viagra).

Fat BellyThat being said, let’s identify some factors which you may have overlooked in your continuous (and relentless?) effort to lose those extra pounds.

You want long term results. While existence of a miracle weight loss product is a false truth, there are some factors and products which can augment or help your weight loss efforts.

Garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, and raspberry ketones. These are just sample weight loss products which can augment your pursuit to lose extra pounds. A reasonable exercise program and sensible diet should, of course accompany your routine when taking any of them. Remember, there’s no such as a weight loss miracle product.

weight LiftingKeep on trying. Each and every one of us is unique. This statement also applies to our health. Look for a weight loss program or regimen which works best for you. Only you can figure that out. Make sure that you have all the bases covered. We have an article you might want to look into regarding possible reasons why you may not be losing weight. Find out if you have one of these factors and then address it.

How do you measure your weight loss? Do you step on the bathroom scale and then complain that you haven’t lost anything yet? Hmmm. You might have forgotten that you’re not made up of just fat. The scales weigh everything; bones, muscles, organs and let’s not forget that huge steak you devoured for lunch still sitting in your stomach being digested (and weighed on the scale). Keep these things in mind when you step on that scale and start to curse.

Healthy Body Composition

This infographic shows you what we mean. There are more accurate ways of assessing body fat that you might want to look into like hip and waist measurements. These will measure your fat loss in the area that matters most, your belly. Afterall your goal is to lose fat not protein which you need to be healthy and to build more muscle.

No Junk FoodYou can’t physically lose all the fat from your body. You need fat to survive (there’s actually a healthy fat range). It’s refined carbohydrates or sugars that you can live without. Physiologically speaking, there are two types of fat in your body, nonessential and essential. Essential fats include the fat inside your bone marrow and fat which forms the structure of your cell membranes. These essential fats are basically indispensable parts of your anatomy.

Love HandlesNon-essential fats are made up of visceral fats and subcutaneous fats. We have an interesting article on visceral fats to give you an overview on what they are. For now, let’s settle on the fact that they’re nonessential and located between the organs in your abdominal cavity (belly). And let’s not forget the fat that you often demonize in front of the mirror, subcutaneous fat.

Make sure that you keep your weight well within your ideal body weight range. This comes after your weight loss. Once you’ve lost all the weight, keeping it off is another challenge. Those who have drastically lost weight will often have a hard time keeping it off. Ultimately, this is because they have lowered their caloric intake so much that maintaining that is almost impossible and at the same time hazardous to their health. Stick to a diet and exercise program you can live with. In this way, maintaining your ideal body weight becomes more of a habit than a burden. When it comes to your diet, avoid processed foods and stick to fresh foods homemade from scratch. These are the ones similar to what your Grandma used to make.

By the way, you can also calculate and use your BMI (body mass index) to indirectly assess your body fat and risk for certain metabolic diseases. Click here to calculate your BMI.

Girl ExercisingExercise program. Your exercise program should be fun and enjoyable for you. If it’s not, it will not last. Click here for some fun forms of exercise you may not have thought of yet. Make your exercise program A PART of your life. Don’t make it YOUR LIFE. Some people become so involved in their fitness that they begin to neglect other areas of their lives, start losing the fun and they feel the pressure. Your exercise program should revolve around you, and not the other way around, not unless you’re vying for the $40,000 cash prize at the Arnold Classic 2015 (in Australia), or planning to win this year’s Auckland Marathon over the harbour bridge.

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