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Natural Make-Up – Why Is It Better?


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It’s a known and well-established fact that 60% of cosmetic products you apply to your skin are absorbed into your body, particularly your circulatory system. This is because your skin is a dynamic organ. It’s alive. Your choice of makeup product can make your skin glow or go downhill. You get to decide. So…let’s address some pertinent questions. Is natural or organic makeup really better? The answer is yes. Perhaps the more important question is, how is it different? First, let’s define some terms.

The term natural means that the ingredients included in your makeup are obtained or derived in part or whole from natural sources. The term organic is actually a level higher than natural. It means that the ingredients used in the products are organically cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

Advantages of Using Natural or Organic Makeup Products

  • woman-makeup1. No nasty chemicals. Imagine putting something that’s chemical-free on the delicate areas of your face. Feels good right away doesn’t it? You don’t have to imagine what it would feel like though, just choose organic or natural makeup products to experience the best for your skin. Not only does natural and organic makeup contain no chemicals, it also moisturises and nourishes your skin.

  • 2. Less irritating. Compared to non-organic makeup with harmful chemicals, makeup products made with organic or natural ingredients don’t irritate your skin. They don’t leave your skin damaged, dry and helpless. Studies have consistently shown that ingredients in organic or natural products are significantly less allergenic than their opposition. Organic products don’t contain petrolatum, propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulphate to name a few. These ingredients are very allergenic to some people, especially those with sensitive skin.

  • 3. No need to adapt. Some makeup products take time to get used to. Organic makeup is much more gentle on the skin without skin-irritating chemicals so your skin won’t need time to adapt to the new products.

  • not-tested4. No animal testing. If you plan on going organic or natural, you’re not only being kind to your skin, but you’re also being kind to animals. Most of the natural or organic makeup products available out there are against animal cruelty and have certifications to show this.

Get to know your makeup products. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, checking for the following labels on natural makeup should add a certain degree of confidence:

BDIH of Germany. This non-profit association for personal hygiene products, healthcare products and others have come up with certain guidelines regarding certified natural cosmetics. They regularly test products labelled as natural or organic.

Organic Food Chain. Abbreviated to OFC, this certifying body from Australia inspects and approves cosmetics. They provide organic certification for food and skincare products and their goal is to make sure they’re synonymous with Quality Assured Product.

organicNATRUE. This international certifying non-profit association gives the manufacturer the freedom to work with the certifier of their choice. Natrue certification gives you (as the customer) further confidence in the natural status of the product. Natrue are also involved in improving availability of high quality natural ingredients for the production of natural cosmetics.

BioGro Certified. This certifying body is based in New Zealand. They make sure that products which carry their logo are made with organically cultivated ingredients without animal testing, chemicals or GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients.

Safe Cosmetics Australia. SCA’s aim is to educate consumers on the health risks associated with the chemicals in many cosmetics and promote the use of toxic-free products. Manufacturers who use only natural plant and mineral ingredients can apply to use the Australian Certified Toxic-Free logo on their products.

Some makeup products on the market claim that they’re ‘all natural’ or ‘organic’ but are not necessarily 100% natural or certified organic. So be careful and look out for certification logo’s on products to ensure they are as natural or organic as they claim to be. After all it’s your skin we’re talking about here, why not treat it with the highest regard. Using natural and organic cosmetics will also help to keep your skin healthier and happier as you age.

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