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Top Ten Common Childhood Illnesses…Part 2

Healthy Family…that you should be aware of as a parent

Part 2

Hello there. I’m glad to have you back for Part 2 of this article which includes a few more of the top ten common childhood illnesses. Without further delay, let’s continue then.

    • 4. Ear Infections.

      “Mummy my ear hurts.” Have you heard this line before? Compared to adults, children are much more prone to getting ear infections. It’s valuable to know the cause because they can really hurt. Anatomically speaking, the ear (EACH ear) has three compartments called the inner, middle, and outer ear.Childs Ear Examination The most common location of an infection is in the middle ear, just behind the eardrum. This is because fluid tends to build up in this area, allowing bacteria to party and multiply. The medical term for this type of ear infection is otitis media. There are 3 main types: acute otitis media (most common type, usually with fever), otitis media with effusion (an acute otitis media which runs its course) and chronic otitis media with effusion (pain comes back over and over again, even without the bacteria).

      Even if your child doesn’t complain that much, you may notice that he or she often pulls or tugs on the ear that hurts. This can be accompanied by fever and difficulty sleeping. It’s best to take your kid to the doctor. Oh, watch out for toddlers, aside from their affinity to put small objects in their mouths and noses, their next best target are their ears.

    • 5. Tonsillitis.

      TonsilitisIt’s time for noodle soup (or any kind of soup). This type of recipe signals the presence of an ongoing sore throat in your child. Soup is favoured because it makes swallowing easier for them. Technically speaking, tonsillitis means inflammation of your tonsils. The tonsils are specialized types of tissues (groups of cells) which carry the task of protecting your body from invading microorganisms. They are located at the back of the throat, guarding the oral cavity.

      When your child complains of a sore throat, get a flashlight and ask your child to stick out his tongue. At the back of the throat, you will see two oval shaped, red and enlarged structures. Those are the inflamed tonsils. Sometimes they’re covered with a yellow or white substance. The inflammation could be caused by a virus or bacteria. If it’s caused by a virus, the disease will resolve itself. All your child needs is TLC (Tender Loving Care) and supportive treatment. If it’s caused by bacteria, your child is going to need antibiotics. For the best outcome, take your child to the doctor to find out whether TLC is enough or whether antibiotics are necessary.

Boy with Measles

  • 6. Measles.

    This deadly respiratory disease is also called English measles or rubeola (as opposed to German measles or rubella). Nationalities aside, this disease is very contagious and is spread via close contact (contact with secretions from the throat and nose). It can be transmitted four days before the appearance of the rash and around four days after its disappearance.

    Measles begins with a high fever between 10 to 12 days after exposure to the virus. The fever is usually accompanied by watery eyes, runny nose and a cough. Sometimes, you can see white spots in the oral cavity (in the area corresponding to each cheek). After many days, a rash will appear on your child’s face and neck. This will eventually spread to the trunk and finally to the hands and feet. Measles is a serious disease because of its complications (brain swelling, pneumonia, blindness, dehydration because of diarrhea) so take your child to the doctor.


Let’s take a short break (Well, it depends on how long you’ll be gone). Part 3 is Here

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