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  1. Harker Herbals Lung Elixir Chest Clear

    Harker HerbalsLung Elixir Chest Clear

    Harker Herbals Lung Elixir Chest Clear (642) is a traditional blend of herbs to support clear airways in the chest and to soothe bronchial passages. Supports healthy lungs and breathing.

  2. Harker Herbals Emphysemol Deep Lung Support

    Harker HerbalsEmphysemol Deep Lung Support

    Harker Herbals Emphysemol Deep Lung Support (985) is for the support of deep lung function. This blend of antiseptic herbs help to soothe deep bronchial health and with the removal of mucus.

    An excellent elixir for smokers.

  3. Harker Herbals Expectorant Support

    Harker HerbalsExpectorant Support

    Harker Herbals Expectorant Support (formerly Linctus Expectus 2000) supports the removal of mucus from the lungs, may soothe the throat and provides general respiratory support.

  4. Harker Herbals Energy Elixir

    Harker HerbalsEnergy Elixir

    Harker Herbals Energy Elixir (formerly Organ System Revive 979) is a natural liquid herbal blend to enhance vitality and energy.

  5. Harker Herbals Heart Health

    Harker HerbalsHeart Health

    Harker Herbals Heart Health (formerly Heartnurse 929) is a herbal blend designed to support heart health and circulation.

  6. Good Health Sugar Stop 60 caps

    Good HealthSugar Stop

    USD 24.29

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    (You Save: 31%)

    Out of stock

    Good Health Sugar Stop is made with Pure White Mulberry & Chromium Nicotinate.


    • Supports heart health.
    • Helps to balance sugar cravings.
    • High strength blood glucose support.
  7. White Mulberry Extract by Spark of Life

    Spark of LifeWhite Mulberry Extract

    Spark of Life White Mulberry Leaf Extract supports healthy blood glucose levels.

    • Zero Additives, Preservatives or Fillers
    • 500mg Standardised White Mulberry Leaf per vegetable capsule
    • Manufactured in a cGMP, FDA-registered facility
    • Recommended by Dr Oz
  8. Solgar Neuro Nutrients

    SolgarNeuro Nutrients

    Solgar Neuro Nutrients is a unique blend of amino acids, vitamins and Ginkgo to support cognitive health.

    • Vegetarian and vegan friendly


  9. Solgar Biotin 1000mcg

    SolgarBiotin 1000mcg

    Solgar Biotin provides 1000mcg per vegetable capsule to support healthy hair, nails and skin.

    • High potency
    • Vegetarian friendly
  10. Solgar Wild Oregano oil

    SolgarWild Oregano oil

    Solgar Wild Oregano Oil is one of Solgar's premium quality food supplements.

    • Provides 17.5mg Wild Oregano Oil per capsule
    • Contains No Sugar, Salt or Starch


  11. Clinicians Hi Dose Chromium 1000mcg

    CliniciansHi Dose Chromium 1000mcg

    Clinicians Hi Dose Chromium provides a high potency (1000mcg) form of this essential trace mineral.

    • Amino acid chelate form of chromium
    • No added sugar, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.


  12. Seeking Health HomocysteX Plus

    Seeking HealthHomocysteX Plus

    Seeking Health HomocysteX Plus provides bioactive forms of four essential B-vitamins with betaine (also known as trimethylglycine or TMG) to support methylation processes and normal homocysteine metabolism.

    • Exceptional formula for those with defective MTHFR genes. Taking 5-MTHF alone is not enough.

    **This product is not available for sale in New Zealand. Please contact us if you have any questions.**

  13. Seeking Health D-Ribose Powder 300 Grams

    Seeking HealthD-Ribose Powder

    Seeking Health D-Ribose provides 5 grams of ribose sugar per serving.

    • D-Ribose is a natural sugar found in all living cells
    • Antioxidant support
    • Supports heart muscle health

    **20% off while stocks last! Product best before end of May 2019**

  14. Seeking Health Optimal Magnesium

    Seeking HealthOptimal Magnesium

    Seeking Health Optimal Magnesium provides 150mg of two popular forms of magnesium.

    • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly.
    • Well-tolerated.



  15. Seeking Health HomocysteX

    Seeking HealthHomocysteX

    Seeking Health HomocysteX contains active forms of four of the B-vitamins to support methylation and healthy homocyteine metabolism.

    • Unlike HomocysteX Plus, this formula is free of TMG (trimethylglycine).
    • Vegetarian capsules and free of milk, wheat/gluten and soy

    **This product is not available for sale in New Zealand. Please contact us if you have any questions.**

Browsing 16 to 30 of 176

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