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Proteo-8 Advanced Proteolytic Enzyme Blend

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Spark of Life Proteo-8 Advanced Proteolytic Enzyme Blend

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Spark of Life Proteo-8 is an advanced systemic enzyme blend with proteolytic ( protein digesting ) enzymes.


  • Infused with fulvic acid
  • Plus MSM & Boswellia
  • Delayed release vegetable capsule

Naturopath Supported! Ask one of our Naturopaths how Proteo-8 can help you

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Product Description

Enzymes are required to catalyse virtually every biological and chemical reaction in the body.
Simply put enzymes are essential to sustain life!

It is well known that from our mid 20's onwards our enzyme levels begin to decline and as a result we start seeing the signs of aging

Proteo-8 contains 8 key active ingredients:

  • Serrapeptase
  • Bromelain
  • Papain
  • Protease SP
  • Neutral Protease
  • MSM
  • Amylase
  • Lipase

This blend of protein digesting enzymes supports the body's natural process of breaking down unwanted protein such as in the form of scar tissue, cellular debris, toxins and dead tissue.



Detailed Product Information


Spark of Life


Amount Per Capsule:
MSM 250 mg
Bromelain 2,000,000 PU
Protease SP 50,000 HUT
Boswellia Extract 50 mg
Shilajit (20% Fulvic Acid) 50 mg
Papain 3,000,000 PU
Magnesium (as magnesium oxide) 25 mg
Amylase 4,000 DU
Rutin 25 mg
Serratiopeptidase 10,000 SPU
Neutral Protease 5,000 PC
Lipase 500 FIP
Other Ingredients: Beet root fibre, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Silicon Dioxide.

Usage Instructions

Suggested Dose: Take 1 capsule three times per day on an empty stomach with 250ml of water.
For best results take either 1 hr before or 2 hrs after meals.

Caution: Anyone taking blood thinning medication, those with a bleeding disorder and pregnant or nursing mothers must consult their healthcare practitioner prior to taking this product.


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