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Black Cohosh

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  1. Harker Herbals Feminurse Women's Tonic

    Harker HerbalsFeminurse Women's Tonic

    Harker Herbals Feminurse Women's Tonic is a traditional liquid herbal blend to support menstrual regularity and menopause.

    • With Motherwort, Blue Cohosh & Cinnamon.


  2. Nature's Sunshine FCS II Female Comfort

    Nature's SunshineFCS II Female Comfort

    Nature's Sunshine FCS II is a unique herbal blend to support healthy balance of the female glandular and reproductive systems. This product is also designed to act as nutritional support for women during menopause.

  3. Nature's Sunshine 5-W (last 5 wks of pregnancy)

    Nature's Sunshine5-W (last 5 wks of pregnancy)

    Nature's Sunshine 5-W is a herbal blend designed to support women during the last five weeks of pregnancy leading up to childbirth. Can also be used prior to conception to support hormonal and uterine health.

  4. Nature's Way Black Cohosh Standardised

    Nature's WayBlack Cohosh Standardised

    Nature's Way Black Cohosh
    extract is standardised to 2.5% triterpene glycosides.

  5. Now Foods Female Balance

    Now FoodsFemale Balance

    Now Foods Female Balance has a unique blend of herbs and nutrients to support female hormone health.

    • Herbs - wild yam, vitex, dong quai & black cohosh.
    • Plus GLA, B6, and Folate.
    • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
  6. Nature's Sunshine Black Cohosh 100 caps

    Nature's SunshineBlack Cohosh

    USD 22.95

    USD 17.21

    (You Save: 25%)

    Nature's Sunshine Black Cohosh provides 525 mg black cohosh per capsule to support the female reproductive and hormonal systems.


    • Promotes hormonal balance.
    • Assists in easing menopause symptoms.
    • Helps to calm menstrual & premenstrual symptoms.
    • Supports female reproductive system.


  7. Nutralife Meno-Life 24 Hour Day & Night Menopause Support 60 caps

    Nutra-LifeMeno-Life 24 Hour Day & Night Menopause Support

    USD 27.33

    USD 19.13

    (You Save: 30%)

    Nutralife Meno-Life Day & Night Menopause Support contains two unique blends to assist with menopause symptoms during both the day and night.

    With Wild Yam, Red Clover, Soy Isoflavones & Black Cohosh.

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