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High Potency Echinacea Capsules & Liquids for Adults and Children.

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  1. Harker Herbals General Tonic

    Harker HerbalsGeneral Tonic

    Harker Herbals General Tonic (566) is a daily, mineral-rich tonic promoting blood and skin health. This potent blend of herbs helps to purify the blood and is an excellent tonic for dry irritated skin conditions.

  2. Harker Herbals Immune Tonic

    Harker HerbalsImmune Tonic

    Harker Herbals immune Tonic helps to build and boost the body's natural immune defenses. This herbal elixir contains echinacea, a well renowned immune supporting herb.

  3. Thompsons One-A-Day Echinacea 4000

    Thompson'sOne-A-Day Echinacea 4000

    Thompson's Echinacea is a high strength, one-a-day formula to support immune system health.

    • Contains both purpurea and angustifolia echinacea
    • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly
  4. Nature's Way Echinacea Goldenseal

    Nature's WayEchinacea Goldenseal

    Nature's Way Echinacea & Goldenseal:

    • 30ml Liquid 
    • Organic Echinacea 
    • Alcohol Free 
    • Supports immunity and against infections


  5. Nature's Way Sambucus For Kids

    Nature's WaySambucus For Kids

    Nature's Way Sambucus For Kids provides standardised elderberry with echinacea flower and root in a great tasting syrup for children.

    • Solvent-free extraction ensures maximum flavonoids.
    • Suitable for children from 1 year up.
    • Yummy natural raspberry flavour.


  6. Kiwiherb High Potency Echinacea 60 capsules

    KiwiherbHigh Potency Echinacea

    USD 36.46

    USD 31.36

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    Out of stock

    Kiwiherb Echinacea capsules contain premium New Zealand grown Echinacea root providing a high potency, super strength immune support which can be used all year round.

    Also suitable for children over 6 years.

  7. Kiwiherb Childrens Echinature

    KiwiherbChildren's Echinature

    Kiwiherb Children's Echinature is made from certified organic Echinacea root in a base of organic apple juice. It is alcohol and preservative free with a great taste.

    An essential immune product for children of all ages, this potent liquid blend is specially formulated to support healthy immune function and recovery in children and infants.

    A Great Immune Booster for the little ones!

  8. Kiwiherb Echinature


    Kiwiherb Echinature is a blend of premium organic New Zealand grown Echinacea root with active Manuka Honey in a liquid blend. This potent formula provides year round immune support and helps to guard against those nasty bugs.

  9. Good Health Olive Leaf 25,000

    Good HealthOlive Leaf 25,000

    USD 16.13

    USD 11.14

    (You Save: 31%)

    Good Health Olive 25,000 provides natural immune support.

    • High Potency with 140mg Oleuropein
    • 1-A-Day capsule for everyday immune support
    • Suitable for vegetarians
  10. Kiwiherb De-Stuff Kids

    KiwiherbDe-Stuff Kids

    Kiwiherb De-Stuff For Kids is a blend of certified organic herbs specially formulated for infants and children to support clear sinuses, nose and ears.

    Naturally sweentened, this herbal blend has a great taste.

  11. Radiance Kids Immune 60 Chews

    RadianceKids Immune

    USD 13.33

    USD 10.66

    (You Save: 20%)

    Radiance Kids Immune is the perfect thing to help ward off those colds and flu's at the change of the seasons by supporting your child's immune system. It even comes in a naturally strawberry flavoured chewable tablet.

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