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CycloPower Manuka Honey 16 tabs

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Manuka Health CycloPower Mouth & Throat

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Manuka Health MGO400 Manuka Honey with CycloPower Mouth & Throat are chewable tablets designed support mouth & Throat Health.

  • Significantly more potent with Manuka Honey.
  • With added prebiotics to support the gut
  • CycloPower helps to lower the glycaemic index of the honey.
**50% off while stocks last! Product expires end of June 2019. Product has been discontinued by manufacturer**
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Product Description

Manuka Health has introduced CycloPower, a new breakthrough biotechnology which is to natural healthcare what turbo is to vehicles!


More potent than MGO Manuka Honey of the same strength:

  • Up to 25x more efficient in inhibiting digestive bacteria in 24hr comparision in lab studies.*
  • Up to 50x more efficient against mouth and throat bacteria in 24hr comparison in lab studies.

Prebiotic effect in the lower digestive tract:

  • The cyclic-oligosaccharides in CycloPower support the balance between good & bad bacteria in the lower gut.

Lowers the glycaemic index of the Manuka Honey**:

  • Helps manage blood glucose better.

The power in CycloPower comes from the cyclodextrin molecule - a plant-derived beneficial oligosaccharide.  When combined with natural active ingredients, it can substantially elevate their activity making them more stable, more soluble and more bioavailable.

MGO400 Manuka Honey with CycloPower for Mouth & Throat tablets are beneficial for:

  • Helps support mouth & throat health
  • Supports the balance between good & bad bacteria in the lower gut with the cyclic-oligosaccharides in CycloPower
  • Chewable tablet or allow the tablet to dissolve in the mouth


* S. Swift et al. University of Auckland, 2011. A comparison of the antibacterial activity of Manuka Honey with CycloPower, MGO Manuka Honey complexed with alpha-cyclodextrin, and MGO Manuka Honey.

** Dr Tracy Perry, Ms Sara Richardson & Ms Meredith Peddle (2011), Report on the Glycaemic Index of Two Honey Products, Glycaemic Index Otago, Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago.

Detailed Product Information


Manuka Health


Amount Per 6 Tablets:
Xylitol 3.93g (E967), Alpha-cyclodextrin 2.64g, Mel Leptospermum scoparium (MGO400+ Manuka Honey) 2.16g.
Other Ingredients: Stearic Acid (E570), Silica (E551).

Xylitol is not suitable for animals.

Usage Instructions

Place one chewable tablet in the mouth and chew or allow to dissolve. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day.


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