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  1. Lifestream AstaZan 6mg

    LifestreamAstaZan 6mg

    Lifestream Astazan 6mg provides 6mg of natural astaxanthin per vegetarian capsule plus 10mg of vitamin E.

    • NZ Sourced Astaxanthin.
    • Vegetarian & Vegan-Friendly.
    • Non-GMO.
  2. Green Leaf Sciences Celesys

    Global Health TraxCelesys

    Green Leaf Sciences Celesys is a unique blend of enzymes including chitinase and chitosanase plus the active probiotic Bacillus coagulans to support a healthy yeast balance in the body.

  3. Seeking Health Vitamin D3 5,000 IU

    Seeking HealthVitamin D3 5,000 IU

    Seeking Health Vitamin D3 provides 5000 IU of cholecalciferol per vegetarian capsule to support healthy growth and development as well as immune and bone health.

    • Vegetarian-friendly.

    **This product is not available for sale in New Zealand. Please contact us if you have any questions.**

  4. Seeking Health Pro-Digestion Intensive Chewable

    Seeking HealthPro-Digestion Intensive Chewable

    Seeking Health Pro-Digestion Intensive Chewable provides a very wide range of digestive enzymes in a yummy chewable tablet.

    • 19 vegetarian-sourced enzymes.
    • Supports healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.
    • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
  5. Seeking Health Optimal Iron Chewable

    Seeking HealthOptimal Iron Chewable

    Seeking Health Optimal Iron supplies a well absorbed and tolerated form of iron in an easy-to-take chewable tablet.

    • Ferric glycinate plus vitamin C for optimal iron absorption.
    • Gentle on the stomach.
    • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
  6. Seeking Health Vitamin D3 + K2

    Seeking HealthVitamin D3 + K2

    Seeking Health Vitamin D3 + K2 provides 5000 IU cholecalciferol and 100mcg menaquinone-7 per vegetarian capsule.

    • Easy-to-swallow capsule.
    • Suitable for vegetarians.
    • Supports bone health.

    **This product is not available for sale in New Zealand. Please contact us if you have any questions.**

  7. Seeking Health Optimal Potassium Powder

    Seeking HealthOptimal Potassium Powder

    Seeking Health Optimal Potassium Powder supplies 500mg of potassium as potassium bicarbonate per scoop.

    • Refreshing natural lemon-lime flavour.
    • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
    • Important for healthy fluid balance in the body.
  8. Clinicians Vitamin B12 Liposomal 50mcg

    CliniciansVitamin B12 Liposomal 50mcg

    Clinicians Vitamin B12 Liposomal provides 50mcg of methylcobalamin per 5 drops (0.25ml).

    • Enhanced delivery with liposomal technology.
    • Provides the active form of vitamin B12.
    • Easy-to-take liquid.
    • Sourced from sunflower oil, not soy.


  9. Global Health Trax Candizolv

    Global Health TraxCandizolv

    Out of stock

    Global Health Trax Candizolv is a blend of chitosanase, chitinase and other yeast targeting enzymes to support a healthy balance of yeast in the body.

    • Made in the USA.
    • Free of gluten, wheat, milk, and soy.
    • Systemic yeast and fungal defense.
    **Please note we cannot send Candizolv to the USA**

  10. Seeking Health 5-HTP

    Seeking Health5-HTP

    Seeking Health 5-HTP provides 50mg L-5-hydroxytryptophan per vegetarian capsule.

    • Natural form of 5-HTP.
    • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
  11. Seeking Health PQQ

    Seeking HealthPQQ

    Seeking Health PQQ provides 20mg of BioPQQ per easy-to-absorb lozenge.

    • Supports cellular health.
    • Vegetarians and vegan-friendly.
  12. Good Health Magnesium Sleep Cream

    Good HealthMagnesium Sleep Cream

    Good Health Magnesium Sleep Cream is made with genuine Zechstein magnesium and a blend of calming natural essential oils to support quality sleep.

    • Non-greasy and paraben-free.
    • Absorbs rapidly.
    • Gentle natural scent.

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