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  1. Biotrace Elite Ion-Power Electrolytes with Zest

    EleteElite Ion-Power Electrolytes with Zest

    Elite Ion-Power Electrolytes with Zest provide concentrated minerals and trace elements from a natural source with a mild zesty flavour.

    • No added sugars or artificial additives.
    • No sticky mess.
    • Concentrated so lasts a long time.
    • Fast and effective hydration.
  2. Seeking Health Optimal Electrolyte Stick Packs

    Seeking HealthOptimal Electrolyte Stick Packs

    Seeking Health Optimal Electrolyte contains important nutrients to support peak physical performance.

    • Easy-to-take powder in individual stick packs
    • Three natural flavours - Berry, Orange or Plain
    • No artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives
    • Added creatine, D-Ribose and vitamin B3


  3. Seeking Health Optimal Electrolyte Powder

    Seeking HealthOptimal Electrolyte Powder

    Optimal Electrolyte Powder contains key electrolytes with added creatine, D-Ribose and vitamin B3 to support physical performance and energy levels.

    • No artificial sweeteners or flavours.
    • Vegan and vegetarian friendly.
    • No maltodextrin.
  4. SOS Hydration Drink Mix

    SOSHydration Drink Mix

    SOS Hydration Drink was formulated by a leading doctor, two former elite athletes and a retired military officer to help improve hydration, stamina, focus and physical performance.

    • Optimum balance of electrolytes - meets WHO & UNICEF standards.
    • Absorb 3x more water than drinking water alone.
    • 75% lower carbohydrates than the average sports drink.
    • Convenient single-serve sachets.
    • Comes in 4 delicious flavours!
  5. Seeking Health Optimal Potassium Powder

    Seeking HealthOptimal Potassium Powder

    Seeking Health Optimal Potassium Powder supplies 500mg of potassium as potassium bicarbonate per scoop.

    • Refreshing natural lemon-lime flavour.
    • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
    • Important for healthy fluid balance in the body.
  6. Biotrace Elite Ion-Power Electrolytes

    EleteElite Ion-Power Electrolytes

    Elite Ion-Power Electrolytes provides a great natural source of minerals and trace elements.

    • No added sugars or artificial additives. 
    • Concentrated so lasts a long time - 120ml makes up to 40L!
    • No mould or residue in your hydration pack.
    • Suitable for all ages.
    • Quick and effective hydration.

Browsing 6 item(s)

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