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Providing an exceptional level of service and promoting quality natural health products is important to us at Return 2 Health.

We receive wonderful letters from happy customers all over the world and have a loyal group of customers who have been with us for many years. We really value receiving letters from delighted customers and try to respond to everyone's feedback personally. If you would like to provide feedback on a product you have been using or make a suggestion about how we can improve the Return 2 Health experience or make our site a better place to shop, please contact us.

Many of the testimonials we receive can't be displayed here as we can't make claims about specific conditions.  Please contact our Naturopath if you have specific questions. 

Please note that all of the testimonies below are genuine from real people who have purchased products from Return 2 Health. Some people may be happy to contact you and share their experience. Please let us know if you would like to be contacted in regards to a specific testimony. (emphasis has been added in some cases). Please also note that we don't make any claims that you will cure or treat any disease or symptom through use of any of our products.


My sister stumbled upon this product , within a month of taking about 5 packets a day, my food intolerances disappeared.  I had followed a gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free diet for about a year with only a slight improvement in my symptoms.  But ThreeLac put my tummy back in working order!   I re-order only when I feel the old symptoms returning.   I have recommended the product to several of my friends.  My husband's sister couldn't stomach the herbal blends that her naturopath made up for her.  She called me the other day to reorder more Three Lac, saying that she feels great, has more energy. It's absolutely the best probiotic I have ever come across - just can't believe it tastes so good too!!

 Hello All, I would just like to say how wonderful Threelac is. I have been taking it for two weeks. I have all my energy back, I feel like I am 20 again. I am 42. My husband couldn't believe the difference. I would highly recommend this product. Thank you.

Lynda, QLD

So far after almost three weeks of taking Vitalzym, it has , given me energy and motivation. Something that I have not experienced for a very long time. I am taking 5 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Thank-you for an excellent product. I am hoping I will feel better and better with time, kindest regards.

Jo-Anne B. Australia

[Please Note: Responses to Product vary from person to person - R2H]

"I am happy to be writing you with wonderful news....I am getting better!!!! For the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm getting my life back! I can get down and play on the floor with my children, do some yoga, all my daily tasks are a breeze, and I can even open water bottles! My friends and family are amazed at the difference and I'm thrilled to say that I am 100% medication free!!! I am even eating wheat and cheese and yeast again (although in small quantities) and it does not bother me anymore. I do notice that stress will bring on symptoms, but even that is manageable. I truly feel that it was by God's grace that I stumbled upon your website while looking for yeast free foods, and I know that I will be in good health once again in great part to you both and to three-lac. I wish there was a way to get the word out to others. It took great discipline and commitment, but it is working! I'll keep you posted on things, but just wanted to share some great news. Take care."
Sincerely, Rachael D ( Australia )

"This is the first year in my history that I have not gone down with any of the bugs that are flying around this winter. I can only put it down to my Threelac which I have been taking for about 6 months. I can't thank you enough for your fantastic product range."

Tamsin S - Australia

My husband and I have been using your GBX Green Barley powder for the past 7 months and are completly hooked and have been recommending it to our friends. We noticed a distinctive difference to our energy and mental alertness quite soon after taking it. When we ran out of the initial bottle we ordered from Return 2 Health we bought a different brand of Barley Grass from our local health shop and were disapointed at the quality and results - it wasn't as effective as the GBX brand. We blend it with orange juice and have it with our breakfast and find it very pleasant to drink. . We also purchased the OM-X Barley Grass plus capsules which we found to be equally as effective, but personally favour the power as we find this herbacious drink gives us a real lift in the morning. Thanks Return 2 Health for providing such great products on your website.

L Fleming, Auckland, New Zealand

 "Just a note to let you know that I have been on 5pkts a day of 3lac (ThreeLac) for 30days with considerable improvement.


There is certainly a general feeling of well being once you start the Threelac."

Julieann - Australia

 "The ThreeLac that I originally ordered was a wonderful remedy. I was previously sceptical about these sorts of remedies, however I now tell anyone who I feel would benefit, about my experience."

Lyn B. Australia

"Hi , I placed a new order with you yesterday hope that it is ok. thanks for your help. I deal a lot with customer service and it really stands when somebody cares."

Grace L, Australia.

"...By the way the Vitalzym has been such a help to me. She has a 4 month old baby and doesn't find much time to take care of herself so this was a great help. Thank you guys!"

E. Griffin Australia

"After many years of researching and working with intestinal health issues and the immune system and investigating many types of probiotics I was delighted to come across OMX. It is an amazing solution to a complex issue and an invaluable part of restoring harmony to the body. With so much thought and care going into its formulation and understanding of the synergy of its ingredients it is no wonder that the result that imparts that equilibrium to the person's inner terrain" 

Ilanit Tof B.A. (Psychophysiology/Psychology)
Advanced Diploma Healing with Wholefoods PhD Holistic Nutrition (candidate)
Little Tree Oriental HealingArts – Helping you grow to new heights of wellbeing with Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition [email protected]

 "...And thank you for your excellent service & excellent products too. I've got 2 of my friends onto them as well. For the first time in over 2 years I feel great and are finally getting better. Same with my friends, they cant believe how great they feel. I signed the email petition re the therapeutic goods association too, for NZ & Australia. Thank you!"

Z.G. - Australia

[ Please Note: personal response to products varies from person to person – R2H ].

"Desperately seeking a "cure" for my chronic tiredness, I was sick and tired of always feeling so sick and TIRED. I stumbled upon Threelac and was ready to try ANYTHING to feel better. Our whole family did the yeast test, we all had it, so when the box arrived our whole family dosed ourselves. In particular, the Vitalzym drew my attention especially after listening to the seminar from Dr Wong, as he had mentioned it as a healthy alternative . My daughter was a very thin, a picky eater and low energy,and having bouts of hypoglycemia. she is now totally different, she has rosy cheeks, put on weight, can't eat enough and her moodiness has evened out. Our son (who we've had on omega 3 to calm him) has lost his craving for sugar and bucket loads of tomato sauce. His wheat intolerance has disappeared and he is generally a very happy boy now. Just today I could not believe turned down cake and asked for water instead?!!!!!! This from a boy who would tantrum for hours over a honey sandwich. FANTASTIC. Really the list goes on. In the 20days we have been on this product old stretch marks have practically faded away, sinus cleared up skin clear and healthy, bright eyes. I hope this helps for anyone reading this. My husbands mother and my brother and his family have just ordered their first pack after seeing my husbands results. "
N.D. New Zealand

 "I would like to let you know what I have "lost" since I began taking it. (ThreeLac). Food intolerance - tomatoes, potatoes etc - completely gone - what bliss. Frantically itchy rash after 5 minutes exposure to sunlight - gone. Hemorrhoids - gone. Fuzzy thinking, poor concentration - much improved I was almost incapacitated for the last 5 years with most of these and my diet seemed good but really uninteresting while I avoided the things which caused extra discomfort Now I feel foot-loose and fancy free. I am about to start building up a little muscle and improve my aerobic fitness."

Mary D Box Hill, Australia

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for having these wonderful products A little bit about me and how your products have changed my life. For years I have been living with a cloud over my life. I have been overweight since I was a child, and when I went through puberty things got worse. I always felt tired and run down,. Needless to say my life has mostly been a mess, so my stress levels have always been at a constant high. I have been researching for years on health products that might help . Nothing worked at a level that was noticeable. Then one day I am surfing the net on health topics and find myself being directed to web sites were talking about ThreeLac and Oxygen Elements Plus. To my horror I find out that these products can not be purchased in Australia . My hopes seem shattered thinking I can only get these products from Japan or the USA, when I am led to your web site and see that you sell these products. My relief is momentary when I realise that purchasing these products will require me to use my mastercard on the internet. I was so desperate I considered the possible risk and said 'to hell with it'. I purchased one ThreeLac and one Oxygen Elements Plus from you. I then waited anxiously for my purchase to arrive. With a jump and a jiggle 5 days later I received my products. ThreeLac and one Oxygen Elements Plus are absolutely fantastic. I am sleeping like I never slept before. My face was constantly bombarded with blackheads that never went away no matter what I did. Now my face is clear and my eyes are bright. I have been battling the bulge since I was a child and my craving for sugar was always there. These last 2 weeks, my sugar cravings have settled and I am having no problems managing them. The Oxygen Plus has calmed me to a point where I feel I am a completely different person. My outlook on life is getting better and better every day. My bad breath which was constant has gone to the point where I almost forget to brush my teeth in the morning. All this and only 2 weeks. I am living every day with wonder as to what tomorrow will bring for me. I am alive and feel for the first time in my 27 years."

Kristina, Adelaide, South Australia

 "Hi there, I wanted to give you some feedback regarding the positive affect that ThreeLac has had since I have been taking it. I saw your site and thought I'd give it a try. The improvement came about two weeks after I started taking it. It will be a product that I will continue to use. I've just ordered my second lot. I have an eight year old who has had ongoing health concerns. He started using ThreeLac when I did and hasn't had any episodes since he started using it. He likes the taste and it is easy for him to take. He even takes a sachet with him to school in his lunchbox. So we are customers for life as we have both found overall wellbeing. I can't thank you enough."

Sarah, Wellington, New Zealand

 "Hi there, Just some feedback for you... I LOVE your product! (ThreeLac) It really helps as I seem to have had endless issues with gut flora and digestive problems. My doctor recommended it to me quite a while ago and it's great to know I can just order it when I feel I need it to assist my general health. Have a terrific day!"

Melanie, Australia


 I feel like I have my life back again after about 15 years!. At this stage I'm attributing the improvement to your product (although I have also made a few more dietary changes recently).

Rachel B Auckland, New Zealand

I really struggled to regain my previous energy levels and sense of well being.  I started taking the high dose vitamin C daily along with Green Barley and within 2 days started to feel my energy levels surge.  The vitamin C ad Green Barley made a huge difference and I am continuing to take them daily even now I am back to 100%

C.N. New Zealand