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Products designed to support normalisation of Yeasts and get yeast & Fungi back in balance. Here is an In-Depth product comparison.

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  1. Oxygen Nutrition TriGuard Plus

    Oxygen NutritionTriGuard Plus

    Dr. Allan Phillip's TriGuard Plus contains OLE-100 Complex, a unique and proprietary blend of highly concentrated Olive Leaf Extract, Black Elderberry Extract and authentic Colloidal Silver Suspension.

    A broad-spectrum natural antimicrobial and antiparasitic solution that may also support the immune system.

    **Please note all sizes have new formulation containing Elderberry in place of Tea Tree Oil**

    New Formula is much less allergenic, provides stronger immune support and tastes better!

  2. Nirvana Stevia Extract Powder

    Stevia Extract Powder

    Nirvana Stevia is made from 100% Pure Certified Organic Stevia Extract.

    • Great tasting & highest quality
    • Zero calories and zero carbs
    • GMO free


  3. Radiance Radiance CandAid

    RadianceRadiance CandAid

    Radiance CandAid is a blend of herbs, probiotics and enzymes to target a healthy digestive environment.

    New and improved formula, now contains:

    • Probiotic 100 million CFU
    • Enzyme blend


  4. Seeking Health Saccharomyces Boulardii

    Seeking HealthSaccharomyces Boulardii

    Seeking Health Saccharomyces Boulardii provides 5 billion beneficial microorganisms per capsule.

    • Does not require refrigeration so great for travelling
    • Vegetarian and vegan friendly


  5. Kolorex Intimate Wash

    KolorexIntimate Wash

    Kolorex Intimate Wash is a soap-free natural and gentle wash for to cleanse sensitive intimate areas and promote healthy feminine hygiene.

    • With Kolorex Horopito and soothing Aloe Vera.
    • Free of parabens, SLS/SLE, synthetic fragrance and other unwanted ingredients.
    • Suitable for everyday use.


  6. Kolorex Cranberry Plus Horopito

    KolorexCranberry Plus Horopito

    Out of stock

    Kolorex Cranberry Plus Horopito combines two scientifically studied key active ingredients to support urinary comfort.

    • Pacran high potency cranberry.
    • Kolorex Horopito.
    • Vegetarian capsules.
  7. Now Foods Candida Support

    Now FoodsCandida Support

    Now Foods Candida Support is made with a blend of botanical extracts and other active ingredients to support intestinal health.

    • With Pau D'Arco & Oregano Oil.
    • Plus Caprylic Acid.
    • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
    • Non-GMO.
  8. Global Health Trax Candizolv

    Global Health TraxCandizolv

    Global Health Trax Candizolv is a blend of chitosanase, chitinase and other yeast targeting enzymes to support a healthy balance of yeast in the body.

    • Made in the USA.
    • Free of gluten, wheat, milk, and soy.
    • Systemic yeast and fungal defense.
    **Please note we cannot send Candizolv to the USA**

  9. Green Leaf Sciences Celesys

    Global Health TraxCelesys

    Green Leaf Sciences Celesys is a unique blend of enzymes including chitinase and chitosanase plus the active probiotic Bacillus coagulans to support a healthy yeast balance in the body.

  10. Syntol Probiotic

    Arthur Andrews MedicalSyntol

    Syntol AMD is a powerful, but gentle yeast cleanse that supports intestinal balance. 

    Syntol's popular formula assists in supporting a healthy balance of intestinal flora where a yeast or fungal overgrowth is present. The addition of systemic enzymes help to improve elimination of toxins that can cause "die-off" symptoms. This makes Syntol a more gentle formula than other similar products on the market.

  11. Threelac Candida Defence 60 sachets

    Global Health TraxThreelac Candida Defence

    USD 53.80

    ThreeLac provides selected beneficial microflora to the intestinal tract for the purpose of replenishing needed friendly flora to promote intestinal health and healthy digestion. Packaged in individual sachets ThreeLac is a powerful probiotic formulation of 3 potent microflora in a natural lemon-powder base. 

    **Very Popular!**

    • Freight Free NZ & AU for 2 Boxes or More! (Retail orders only)
    • 2-5 day Courier to Australian street addresses
    • We'll match any online delivered price! 
    • (approx $49.95USD)
    • Threelac Agents for AU & NZ
    • Naturopath on Staff
    • Detailed user guide included with each order
    • No refrigeration required 
  12. Solgar Wild Oregano oil

    SolgarWild Oregano oil

    Solgar Wild Oregano Oil is one of Solgar's premium quality food supplements.

    • Provides 17.5mg Wild Oregano Oil per capsule
    • Contains No Sugar, Salt or Starch


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